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From the moment clay is poured, until it's pulled from the kiln, every tile is handmade from start to finish. For tiles that have more than one custom color, each tile is injected by hand with the glaze.


Custom Tiles

Craig & Ruth Renwick are always open to new ideas and custom colors. Do you have an idea for your custom-designed tile project? Architects, designers, and homeowners, bring us your thoughts and ideas. We're ready for the undertaking.


Made In America

All Renwick Handcrafted Tiles are 100% made in America, glazed, and fired in Grand Junction, Colorado. Moreover, supplies purchased for crafting tiles are all sourced from the USA and can be shipped anywhere.

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The Art Of Custom made Tiles

Craig & Ruth Renwick

From Knysna, South Africa with a brief stop in  California the Renwicks have settled in Colorado.  Craig and Ruth Renwick have been handcrafting tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, fireplaces, and more for over a decade. Renwick's Custom made tiles were crafted in South Africa, and now have settled in Grand Junction Colorado.  Craig is a native to South Africa, Ruth the United States, The Children were all in the Northern Hemisphere so they decided Colorado would be a good fit.

Every tile made has the personal touch of a true artisan, Craig Renwick. With a passion for art and pottery, Craig worked under renowned artist and potter, Gillian Bickell for 14 years. Shortly after that, Craig took his love for pottery to England to improve his techniques in pottery production. Through a chain of events, Craig found himself designing tiles for a kitchen nook for his Aunt Joy, and that was the beginning of Renwick Custom made tiles. (Full Story) 


Craig and Ruth Renwick
Founders of Renwick Handcrafted Tiles

The Art Of Handmade Tiles

Renwick Handcrafted Tiles

Every handcrafted tile is a reflection Craig's craftsmanship. While stock colors are available, Craig Renwick is a master of producing the custom colors for your tile project. And it doesn't stop there. If you want more than one color in your tiles, a glaze is injected by hand, into every crevice of each tile to give you the look you desire.

Designers, Architects, and homeowners have sought out Renwick Handmade Tiles for their project. Whether you're tiling the dining area of an upscale restaurant or bringing a fresh, energetic look to a fish eatery, we have the tile that's right for your establishment. Do you want your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace to be the talk of the town? Renwick's Handcrafted Tiles will make any room burst with color and style.

Craig Renwick designed much of the tile line with influence from the Renaissance period of European history in mind. But the vibrant colors also give the tiles a distinct look of Latino heritage. Whatever the style your project is trying to achieve, we have custom ceramic tile that's right for you.

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Do you need help or direction with your tile project? Don't hesitate to call. We love helping our customers.  


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