Margaret 6×6 Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are made to order, that means you can order one tile or one Thousand tiles. We will make them up and Glaze them to fit your decorating needs.

Choose from 24 of our stock colors.

All the materials and tiles are made in the USA

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At Renwick Tiles we make everything to order.  That means you can order one tile or one Thousand tiles,  We will make them up and Glaze them to fit your decorating needs.

Color is everything, and color is our middle name. We love it and aren’t afraid to use it.  Simply use orange to balance the turquoise and add a bit of brown and you have a happy modern tile.  We have mixed them with contemporary tiles, tree deco tiles and plain tiles.  To make beautiful splash backs, shower walls, indoor and out.  Fountains can look Italian with the right mix. The possibilities are endless.

It seems to me it is hard to name anything, to capture the essence of a whole group of tiles and place them under a heading like the Renaissance, seemed a bit hubris. But when the meaning of Renaissance, is rebirth, it seems to me it suits the timeless nature of the tiles we are representing.  We have pulled a few designs together that fit under this most audacious title.  My hope is that instead of pretense, our designs will inspire whimsey and delight.

The core tiles are named after the prominent families of England, the two inch tiles are named after Jane Austin characters. The designs are more French then English, but who is paying that much attention anyway.

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 in

Amazon, Amber, Aqua, Black, Blue Babe, Bright White, Burnt Orange, Celedon, Cherry Red, First Dawn, French Green, Grey, Half White, Jade, Medium Blue, Medium Charcoal, Midnight Blue, Natural, Olive, Pale Aqua, Palm, Royal Blue, Touch of grey, Turquoise


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