Fish Scale Tiles

There is no better way of spicing up a bathroom or kitchen than with color, size and pattern. The Scale tile has for centuries been a favorite for home and restaurant owners alike.  The homeowner here choose mini scale for the walls and a 4 inch scale for the front of the bath.  You can arrange them in many different ways, including a cloud like look or retro fan. Some customers have mixed colors in their presentation of tiles, creating a radiant look. You can design your Fish Scale Tiles with one of our stock colors or dream big and add your own custom color at no extra cost.

Since every tile is handcrafted and glazed by hand, no two tiles are exactly the same in color. This gives the tiles a striking pearlescent effect, especially when the lights come on. There’s no better way of relaxing and soaking away a hard day’s work than with a glass of wine in your favorite custom tiled room.

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