Custom Hand Painted Ceramic Floor Tiles

Custom Hand Painted Ceramic Floor Tiles are glazed to perfection. Do you have an idea for your custom ceramic tile project? Maybe you have an idea for a custom-designed bathroom or kitchen tile. And let’s not forget about other areas of your home such as fireplaces and staircases. Present your design, and we’ll walk you through the steps. Get your creative juices flowing if you need help we’re standing by. You can create your own patterns and designs with hundreds of colors to choose from.

We used 4X4 Classic Ceramic Tiles for this Custom Hand Painted Ceramic Floor. the vines and flowers are painted in a blue/gray and the tiles in an off white, then glazed perfectly. The possibilities are endless with all the different shades, hues, and finishes. Whether you are traditional or modern, it doesn’t matter because your custom tiles are all about YOU!

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