Handcrafted Fish Scale Tiles For Eatery

This highly successful Seafood restaurant in South Africa elected to use our Handcrafted Fish Scale Tiles as part of their decor. Jo Peters Interior commissioned Renwick Handcrafted Tiles to create the tiles for the project. The goal was to refresh the waterfront interior, and the project went off without a splash. Without question, the fish scale tiles were the obvious choice, but getting the colors perfect was put in the hands of Craig Renwick himself. Several shades of blue were used along with aqua, and Craig.

Fish Scale Tiles have grown in popularity in recent years, restaurants, as well as homes, have used the tiles to freshen up their kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor pool areas. The tiles create a fresh new look, and when the light hits the glaze, they shimmer as though they were moving. Switching from a dull square tile to a Handcrafted Crafted Fish Scale, Tile will change the dynamic of any room.

We are always open to hearing your ideas and have the ability to create them. We have an in-house color lab, where Craig makes all our glazes and match’s colors for clients. Renwick tiles are hand sprayed, what that means is that one tile can have a few tones giving the effect of movement. Our Tiles are designed, made and glazed in Southern California, all materials are sourced in the United States.

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