Lancaster Multicolored Ceramic Tiles

The Lancaster Multicolored Ceramic 4X4 Tile was the tile selected to go around this fire stove. The Lancaster tile is a favorite for designers and homeowners alike. Its timeless renaissance look has found its way into many homes and restaurants. Whether you want a solid a colored glaze or multicolored tiles, the Lancaster Multicolored Tile is a perfect fit for any room. The tiles are colored with olive green, royal blue, and a small splash of orange glaze in the middle.

There is a wide range of options and a wealth of possibilities when choosing your colors. While the tile itself has a medieval renaissance look, the colors are definitely 21 st century. Depending on the colors used, the tile could appear to have Latino influences. Whether your tiling a bathroom, kitchen fireplace, or staircase, the Lancaster Multicolored Ceramic Tile is a perfect choice.

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