Subway Tiles Wrap A Fireplace

Subway Tiles wrap a fireplace from floor to ceiling. When you first enter the restaurant, the fireplace is the center of attention. The stunning glazes of bronze, black, and gold gives it that desired effect. When the light hits the color of the glaze, the vibrant colors pop from the fireplace. Create your own desired fireplace using handcrafted ceramic tiles. Since 1904 Subway Tiles have given architects, designers, business owners, and homeowners a timeless, elegant look for there home or business.

Choosing a color for your tile has endless possibilities; you can pick from one of our stock colors or select your own. Do you have something you need to color match? Craig Renwick is a master with colors. Whether it’s fine dining, pub, or your kitchen at home, you’ll never miss with Subway Tiles. They’re available in 2X4, 2X6, 2X8 and 3X6.

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