Turquoise Handcrafted Pyramid Tiles

The homeowners selected Turquoise Handcrafted Pyramid Tiles for their project. This beautiful setting was near the southwest coast of South Africa. The builder Terry Hayward is a perfectionist; he watched intently until every tile was correctly installed. Terry loved the challenge, and the homeowner was elated. The tiles glimmered as the light hit the glaze showing various shades of Turquoise throughout the tile. The tile color is not only striking, but it also gives you several subtle variations. A picture paints a thousand words, and this bathroom makes you want to soak in a hot bath with a glass of Chardonnay.

Handcrafted Pyramid Tiles don’t need much to stand out and while most commonly found on kitchen backsplashes as well as bathroom walls, yet there are other applications such as fireplaces and stairways. If your starting to explore your possibilities of handcrafted ceramic tiles for your home or business, make Renwick Handcrafted Tiles your first choice.

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